Monday, March 2, 2009


Tastes ebb and flow. It is amazing how I don't even recognize my itunes library from just a few short months ago.

Or my bookshelf.

Or my closet.


So with that thought in mind, current addictions are to be documented. They will no doubt be gone tomorrow.

1. I'm late to the party, but have recently discovered the beauty and functionality of these little wonders.

2. This pack seriously helped me battle the one nasty cold of the 2008-2009 winter.

3. I finally drank the Kool Aid and starting watching LOST, though I still don't understand it.

4. Seven for All Mankind started selling petite jeans. I own a pair and wear them to death. Death is required for the parting of these jeans, considering the price point. But worth every saved-up penny.

5. This bottle is the perfect size. It is with me nearly every day.

6. Jack's Mannequin. On repeat.

7. These have made lunch more enjoyable these days.

8. This song from Hillsong induces much jumping and dancing.

And just for kicks, why not go ahead and close out the post with the norm...

Favorite thing today: Believe the hype, it really is that good.


Michael Joe Harvell said...

Thanks - very fun post - I love the links!

Jonathan Pearson said...

I'm gonna need you to update this blog a little more regular...Thanks! :-)

Kim said...

I'm with Jonathan :-) you!

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